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Our job was to give the client a 360 experience and more

Our job was to give the client a 360 experience and more

edison365 is a user-friendly app that combines Strategy, Innovation, Project & Portfolio Management into a single platform, allowing businesses to orchestrate, plan, and execute their business transformation initiatives. It offers various features and capabilities to help organizations streamline their innovation and project management processes.

edison365 needed a brand transformation due to issues with their existing identity, including a lack of distinctiveness, ineffective messaging, inconsistent branding, outdated design, limited visual appeal, competitive pressures, and the need to align with their evolving business.
The key concept at the core of this idea is one of transformation, moving one key idea from an employee to a fully fledged business action is what edison365 do and we wanted to tell that story through their brand.
187% Uptick in website traffic since the rebrand.

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